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Crescent City Farmers Market

Eat well to live well.

The mission of the Crescent City Farmers Market is to benefit local farmers, fishers, consumers and communities in the fertile crescent of Greater New Orleans by operating weekly, year-round markets where food producers and harvesters market the fruits of their labor directly to consumers in a public setting.


The Crescent City Farmers Market, part of the non-profit Market Umbrella, was founded in 1995 at Loyola University as a way to cultivate community markets benefiting public good.  It began with a mission to promote economic development amongst family farmers and agricultural enterprises in the Greater New Orleans area.The goal of the market is to learn, share and grow while utilizing local resources to strengthen community traditions.

By coming together over food, The Crescent City Farmers Market provides a forum where producers and consumers can promote good health among citizens and provide greater social interaction between communities and sustainable economic development.The market has been a space for many entrepreneurs to launch new businesses and gives local area growers, producers and fishers a venue where they can claim a fair price for their goods and services. 

Using strict farm-to-table guidelines, the market handpicks local farmers and fishers to provide the best of what our city has to offer to shoppers and chefs alike. The Crescent City Farmers Market allows the community to shop locally for food and in turn supporting itself and its neighbors.They have also created a tool for markets to measure their economic impact, a program for kids to learn about food from the people who grow, catch, raise and make it, and support healthy lifestyles across the New Orleans area.

For more information on The Crescent City Famers Market, check out their website and Facebook page. You can also follow their Instagram and Twitter


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