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Cypress Academy

Critical Thinking.

Cypress Academy is a school that is intentional about education. They combine academics and social and emotional development in a learning community that encourages critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and intellectual risk-taking. Prepping the next generation of thinkers and doers means fostering everyone’s development which is why a portion of their program is designed specifically for students with dyslexia and like learning disabilities. 

Cypress Academy was founded in April 2013, by Dr. Bob Berk out of his desire to make certain that more students have access to high quality public education. With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy from Vanderbilt University and experience as Head of School at Akiva Community Day School in Nashville for five years Dr. Berk began the passion project of Cypress Academy. Their approach to teaching accommodates all learning styles ensuring that everyone attending is given the same opportunity. They help students gain the ability to identify, evaluate and critique information from a variety of perspectives to guide decision making. In so doing, they develop important questions, gathering relevant and accurate information, and arrive at evidence-based conclusions while relying on skills and knowledge that they learned in other settings.

This isn’t just going to to school, its learning how to live in the real world. Students are taught to collaborate within a group to develop creative solutions to complex challenges by employing the sources at hand in different ways. They learn to take on varied roles while considering divergent points of view and negotiating for mutual benefit. They explicitly teach students to become aware of, reflect on, and communicate with their teachers, parents and classmates about their own skills, knowledge, areas for growth and learning styles.

Every dollar raised goes to support their growth as they work to provide an excellent place of learning for all our students. Right now they are a K - 2 school. Each year they will add a grade so that they are K - 8 in six years.  Their goal is that Cypress Academy will be knows as a place of excellence for all students - those who are below, on or above grade level.

Support the students and the future of education at Cypress Academy today.

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