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Fostering a sense of wonder.

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LOOP NOLA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide positive, life-changing outdoor experiences for children and youth in Greater New Orleans. LOOP NOLA addresses the lack of opportunity for urban children to experience the outdoors. They nurture students' connections to nature by developing a sense of wonder at the natural world along with their social, technical and academic skills through repeated exposure to outdoor adventures over multiple years.

With the growing number of children and youth in New Orleans lacking critical connections to nature, LOOP NOLA provides dynamic outdoor adventure experiences that develop social and emotional skills while fostering a sense of wonder about the outdoors. They partner with elementary, middle and high schools to engage classes in a series of academically linked and customizable adventure-based activities. From learning how to canoe to participating on our City Park Challenge Course, thousands of youth have gained confidence, leadership skills and teamwork skills with LOOP NOLA.

LOOP NOLA and its predecessor, LOOP, have provided thousands of students with outdoor adventures that develop their interpersonal and social skills while fostering a sense of wonder at the natural world around them. A majority of these students would have never experienced fun, dynamic outdoor activities and the confidence they can provide without LOOP NOLA. The programs LOOP NOLA provides allow students to improve their leadership and teamwork skills through engaging mental and physical challenges. Lastly, LOOP NOLA’s programs provide exposure to the outdoors for New Orleans children and youth and encourage them to continue visiting local parks and participate in outdoor activities with their families, playing a role in improving the general health of underserved communities. Last school year they had over 900 students participate in their outdoor programs from over 20 local schools and then plan to serve over 1,500 this current school year.


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