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FREE Shipping On All Orders Over $100.

New Orleans Emergency Medical Services Foundation

There when you need them.

“Call an ambulance” is not something you want to hear, but that is the moment that New Orleans Emergency Medical Services Foundation (NOEMSF) has been preparing for. They bridge the gap between the needs of New Orleans' ambulance services and where the city's budget ends. NOEMSF supplies equipment, funds for training, and improves employee welfare. All aspects culminate when you hear those sirens rushing into action.

Founded in 2009 after Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav, NOEMSF has been serving to strengthen the preparedness and responsiveness of New Orleans EMS. The organization has written successful grants for the department to obtain funds for equipment, coordinate fundraising and employee moral events. Recently they have funded active shooter ballistic kits to keep ambulance crews safe.

Paramedic school costs $5,000. That number should not get in the way of someone who wants to serve their community. If raised, $1,000 would go towards an employee scholarship to pay for paramedic school. This would serve two purposes: employee development and improving the availability of paramedic resources within the department. $5,000 could give 5 prospective paramedics scholarships of $1,000.

You can support and enhance the performance of the men and women of New Orleans EMS in their mission to provide excellence in prehospital emergency care and community outreach. Contribute to the NOEMSF’s Screens For Good campaign today.



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