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Red Beans Parade

That classic New Orleans dish, Red Beans and Rice, has inspired its very own parade. Come Lundi Gras you can expect to see thousands upon millions of red beans hot glued in tight, mesmerizing patterns to just about anything. Shoes, dresses,, all decked out in red beans go second lining down the streets of New Orleans to the sweet beats of the Treme Brass Band. It’s a dazzling spectacle of community, friendships and of course, red beans.

Started in 2008 by Devin De Wulf and his love for those red kidney beans it has become- for many people- a highlight of New Orleans carnival. Their mission is to create joy. So by donating to the Red Beans Parade Screens for Good campaign you can help spread that joy. Their goals are to grow their community and keep the whole event affordable for the participants. If they raise enough funds they hope to afford a second brass band. No matter how big they might expand though, their aim is to keep the parade focused on being a neighborhood parade that is welcoming and cross cultural.

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