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Fixing More Than Homes.

The traditional disaster recovery model that the United States has used for the past 30 years, is broken. Disasters are occurring more often and incurring more damage. A new model is needed. SBP is poised to completely reshape these dated disaster recovery practices. SBP's mission is to shrink the time between disaster and full recovery by ensuring that disaster-impacted citizens and communities recover in a prompt, efficient and predictable manner. In just 10 years time, the SBP has rebuilt homes for more than 1,150 families with the help of more than 100,000 volunteers across the country.

The SBP was founded six months after Hurricane Katrina to rebuild homes for survivors in St Bernard Parish. SBP quickly expanded to the rest of New Orleans and has now rebuilt more homes than any other organization in the city. Currently, they’re applying their Louisiana-tested approach to disaster relief in other states who have had natural catastrophes. The SBP has helped rebuild in various cities, including but not limited Joplin, MO following a devastating tornado, New York and New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and more recently, cities Texas and South Carolina after historic flooding.



The key to the SBP's success is their "All-Under-One-Roof" model, and vertically integrated approach that provides clients with one point of contact. This method promotes efficiency and accountability between traditionally separated components, and eliminates the need for (and costs of) sub-contractors through in-house skilled labor crews. SBP’s model is actively used by AmeriCorps members all over the country who serve as client service coordinators, volunteer coordinators, and construction site supervisors, overseeing the labor of more than 25,000 volunteer each year.

SBP saves time and money by exercising direct control over skilled labor and scheduling, which also allows them to create well-paying jobs for veterans and other under- and unemployed residents. With its construction system enhanced and optimized through ongoing partnerships with Toyota and UPS, SBP rebuilds homes for far below market rate, and carries out construction projects with much lower subsidies than traditional affordable housing models.


If SBP seems revolutionary, that's because it is. Contributions to this Cause feed funding to keep up with their goal of becoming the natural response to natural disasters.

For more Information on the SBP and how you can help, check out their Official Website and Facebook.

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