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The Happy Bowlers

Happiness to spare.

The Happy Bowlers was founded in 1991 as a unified bowling league to help stimulate young adults with special needs. Happy Bowlers is a member of the ASAP Foundation, which engages special needs adults of all ages in everyday social settings.

For the past 20 years, the bowling league has supported an incredible group of adults with special needs. They bowl from September to May, every Monday night at "Rock'N' Bowl" in Mid-City. 

The money raised through Screens for Good will help the Happy Bowlers increase their social events schedule and add more lifetime sporting activities for their members such as swimming and golf.

This campaign will serve not only to raise a portion of the capital funds that make the programs possible, but also help spread the Happy Bowlers name as advocates for special needs adults throughout the city of New Orleans and nationally. 


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