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Youth Run NOLA

Running welcomes everyone.

A group of middle and high-school teachers founded Youth Run NOLA in the fall of 2010 as a response to students needing and asking for more structured, supportive after-school programs. Running welcomes everyone, and so that's the sport they chose. 

Youth Run NOLA is a Sports-for-Development non-profit organization that utilizes running, jogging, and walking as a way to help local middle and high-school kids develop healthy, life-long habits while in a positive network of supportive peers and adults. 

Youth Run NOLA has trained with over 800 young athletes from 30 public schools in Orleans, St. Bernard, and Jefferson Parishes. Collectively, the kids have logged over 25,000 miles, none of which would have been possible without with the support of hundreds of volunteer-coaches and running buddies who've generously donated over 30,000 hours of their time. Earlier this year, 62 young runners trained for and completed the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, they are joining the over 100 half marathoners from the previous four seasons. This year, they were joined by 100 running buddies and family members who trained for the Rock 'n' Roll 10K every Saturday for the 3 months leading up to race. At the Third Annual 504K on February 20, 2016, over 1,000 community members took part in Youth Run NOLA's signature race, including over 30 families who participated in the 504K Train program, a 5K conditioning plan leading up to the race. 25% of runners that day were completing their first-ever 5K.

An initial fundraising goal of $1,000 would cover costs for young participants' signature yellow shirts for the 2016-2017 season. 

A secondary goal of $2,000 would feed all 300+ runners and families at our Crescent City Classic pasta dinner celebration the evening prior to the race. 

A final goal of $5,000 would cover the bus transportation expenses for getting all 300+ kids and families to and from each monthly race in the fall.

In the next five years, Youth Run NOLA wants to help build a more unified community of youth, families, and community members from all backgrounds and neighborhoods using running. By 2021, Youth Run hopes all kids in New Orleans have the opportunity to engage with them to feel happier and healthier, all while being supported and cheered on by a loving team along the way. 

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