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Your Favorite Neighborhood Bars

From our Neighborhood Bars post, some of your recommended bars and why you love them.
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"The selection is always unique and top-notch; the staff is amazing and always greets you with a smile. The people get to know you and your tastes. They see you and already have an idea of what your want or give you a suggestion of something new."

Publiq House

"Publiq House because it is a great venue for music, football games and the staff is amazing. A bar lives and dies with its staff. if the staff is welcoming, and cares about its patrons then everyone will continue to frequent that bar. Let's face it you can go anywhere for drinks people come back for the relationships they build. A true neighborhood bar is one where you can go to celebrate you greatest achievements and drown your deepest sorrows with the people who will support you at your highest and lowest."


"It is a real community of regulars; but, very welcoming to visitors. The regulars and dog-friendly doesn't hurt."

New Orleans Original Daiquiris

"Just relax and unwind and have fun with friends and family."



"Tracey's. It's the "new" Parasols. I grew up going to Parasols every weekend and sometimes during the week if I was lucky. They had the best food. When I returned to New Orleans and went to eat at Parasols I was told the lease could not be renewed so the owner took his kitchen and moved down the street to Tracey's. So we went to Tracey's, ordered the infamous gravy fries and roast beef po-boy and lo and behold it was the exact same as the old Parasol's. The atmosphere is awesome and the food is great. I feel sorry for those who go to Parasol's thinking its going to be the where are you we remember it. What a disappointment. White tablecloths? Parasol's? Who would have thought? That's why I love Tracey's."

Carrolton Station

"Carrolton station. Live music, back patio perfect for smooching. All ages welcome."

The Rusty Nail

"Friendly bartenders, moderate prices, lots of great regulars."

Backspace Bar & Kitchen

"Mix of people locals & tourists - best burger in town- great drinks-open all night."



"Any bar that opens before 6:00am to let you watch your favorite football/rugby club must be considered great! The bar food is stick-to-your-stomach good, the bartenders remember your weekly drink, and the owners carry the luck of the Irish!"


"A whole krewe of kick ass woman bartenders. Simply the best dark and stormy. Old Casablanca ceiling fans. Amber light. Pop up food of all kinds almost every night of the week. Jukebox. AIR HOCKEY. Vibe and ambiance, that is to say, chill and dimly lit with excellent music. You know the bar is good when every single album in the jukebox is something you want to play. Food is a must. What makes Pals great is that they host pop ups which works in terms of giving regulars variety as well as giving upcoming chefs a place to showcase their work. Common elements include: people you want to get sucked into a conversation with, mood lighting, bike ability, food, and no bullshit."

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