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Fall in New Orleans

And then suddenly, the sun disappears behind a cloud, a breeze wafts by, and you can breath for the first time in 3 months. Indisputably, fall is an excellent time to be a New Orleanian, and we here at Dirty Coast would like to pass on a few of our favorite seasonal highlights 

1. Being Outside: 

For those of you not living in a sub-tropical climate, trust us when we say summer is not a pleasant time to be outdoors. We do it anyway, if only to restore blood flow to our limbs after being in freezing AC all day, but not until the end of September does it become an enjoyable activity.

2. Rainy Days: 

True, it rains in New Orleans all the time. However, in the fall, storms stretch from the 30 minute deluges of summer into long cozy grey days. It's what we get instead of leaves changing color. 

3. Football: 

A new year. New hope. Whether it's the Saints or the Aint's, we'll be out there every sunday, bleeding black and gold. 

4. Proto-Mardi Gras (Halloween) 

What in other places is its own holiday, in New Orleans is really just initial Mardi Gras prep. Bonus points if your halloween costume makes it to February. 

5. Biking

Yeah we know you can bike around the city in the summer, but who wants to? During the Fall it is the best way to get around, see the side streets, neighborhoods and take in the city. Best part? When you get to your destination you don't need a shower.



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