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K is for Kinfolk Collective

The Dirty Coast team is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest New Orleans brands, especially those who champion giving back to our community. Lucky for us, Janna Hart of Kinfolk Collective saw us first. 

Kinfolk is a company founded upon the simple idea that it is not enough to make something, you have to share it. We think these socks, NOLA-centric with patterns from crawfish to brass instruments, are certainly worth sharing

After years of working in the fashion design industry of Los Angeles, Janna returned home to visit and never left. 

" I ended up finding a gap in the market here and then a need for the donation side of things. The core idea to start the company was donating one pair of socks for every pair purchased." 

Janna has most recently donated socks to the New Orleans Mission but is looking forward to expanding her involvement to other shelters in the city. Unlike the patterned socks she sells, the socks that she donates have been specially engineered to be antibacterial and to wick away moisture, small touches that can make a huge difference to many living on the streets of New Orleans. 

" A lot of people want to be a part of the donation side; people are interested in coming along on a donation with me, which is inspiring."


Currently operating with a staff of one (herself) it is clear from the overwhelming response to her brand that expansion is inevitable, potentially beyond socks.

 "Yes beyond socks, but I'm trying to figure out what exactly. Probably something else I could donate, something that's needed." 

Dirty Coast is thrilled to support Kinfolk Collective. Janna's socks are now available in both our uptown and downtown stores and here at

When asked where her company name came from, Janna replied:

"Kinfolk means family. On the collective side to get the community together to give back to the local kinfolk who need help. Trying to get everybody to come together and give back. 

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