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Black Lives Matter

We are not just a local brand but also a small team of employees and a community of customers and friends. We, like you, are dealing with these unprecedented times with quarantine and worry of the future.

Yet now the 24/7 pandemic news cycle has been interrupted by something not unprecedented, but sadly all too familiar. Our communities of color have been marginalized and treated with systemic racism for far too long. On the news we see justifiable anger and protest. Those told to stay at home are now taking to the streets. There is a reason people take to the streets and march. Many in our community need to be heard and we need to all listen.

Yes, the riots and destruction are upsetting. But, we want to say that we support everyone and anyone who is marching for Floyd and the countless others whose rights and lives have been taken from them. Things can be replaced, people cannot. If there was ever moment for solidarity as a community it is now. We can’t sit silent and not speak up for those whose rights are taken from them by those with more power. It is not unprecedented. And it needs to stop.

Photo from Civil Rights Collection of New Orleans Protest March, 1963 

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