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Second Verse, Same as the First

After the success of Feed the Front Lines, Devin De Wulf and his wife Annelies, an ER doctor, decided to shift their focus from healthcare workers to those that are particularly vulnerable. “So many of our culture creators are at-risk in general, not just from this virus” said De Wulf. “The Baby Dolls, Mardi Gras Indians, second liners, they are every-day workers and don’t have too much of a safety net.” To help address the inadequacies of social programs available and support from the tourism entities in New Orleans, Krewe of Red Beans began helping the Feed the Second Line project - a philanthropic effort to pair older, more vulnerable musicians and artists with their younger counterparts to assist them with shopping for their groceries and household needs while buying meals from local restaurants.

“I’m a busybody who needs to channel my angst” is how De Wulf describes his efforts for coordinating & managing the project during the pandemic. For example, Benny Jones of Treme Brass Band regularly plays in the Krewe of Red Beans. “He’s a cultural treasure and needs to be protected.” Exposure during trips to the grocery store is a concern, but De Wulf wanted more than just a blank-faced charitable gift, opting instead for a more personable route to truly connect individuals in need with resources to help. 

Makin’ More Than Groceries

De Wulf reached out to various social aid & pleasure clubs to find members that need help, and provide jobs to younger out-of-work musicians to handle getting groceries for them. They interact personally to get an accurate grocery list, as well as forging an intergenerational bond. Some elderly feel alone and confined during the stay-at-home order, and this interaction can be some of the only interpersonal contact they have with people. Nourishment for the body and heart - ain’t that nice?

De Wulf thinks that whenever disaster strikes, outside groups try to swoop in and save the day. For the city to properly protect its citizens, it needs to be more strategic to find ways to support our communities by finding the people falling through the cracks and creating jobs at the same time. 

Be In That Number

You can help continue that effort by donating to Feed the Second Line.

You can also support the social aid & pleasure clubs by purchasing a poster - proceeds go to the clubs themselves.

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