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Marsh Dog Treats

$ 16.00

Tastes good. Does good.

Marsh Dog is on a mission to turn every dog into a Canine Conservationist! Using wild nutria meat supports science-based conservation of Louisiana wetlands.
Nutria literally devour marsh vegetation contributing to the state's coastal loss of one football field every hour. To preserve the ecosystem, nutria must be removed. Marsh Dog put this eco-sustainable, lean, novel protein to positive use in the form of all natural treats. Now your best friend can enjoy a healthy snack while helping conserve essential habitat!
• Wild nutria is always Marsh Dog's #1 ingredient.
• Certified Louisiana Product with all ingredient sourcing, packaging, and manufacturing done exclusively in the U.S.A.
• Eco-sustainable; All-natural; Soy/Corn/Wheat Free; Wetland Friendly; Lean/Clean Protein; No Artificial Anything; Gluten-free
• This treat supports science-based conservation of wetland habitat.
Designed and Printed in New Orleans

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