We have raised $289,000 so far.

Since we opened our doors we have looked to help raise funds for local community organizations, artists and other local businesses. With the t-shirt as a billboard of not just identity for the wearer but also support, we have been able to sell items to help raise funds where needed.

Here below are some of our partners and projects we have launched and still support.

Screens for Good

It is important to us that you are happy. Making sure our customers like what they see, are happy with the final product and get taking care of along the way is our top priority.If you have feedback there are a few ways to share it.

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Collecting Donations

There has been many instances of the years of storm damage in our surrounding area and in other states like Florida, California and even Puerto Rico. In those moments we have raised funds through product sales but also collected donations from our local community to help with clothing and food needs.

The Lagniappe List

If you have purchased a product with us in the past you can find it on our site and post a review. Every review, good or bad, gets a 10% off code sent your way. This helps us make sure to keep making the best items possible that you will appreciate.

Every time you write a review you also earn points. Over time you can turn those points into perks like free shipping and discounts.

Our Team Helps Make This All Happen.

100% handmade soap bar

WWOZ.org has been one of our longest running partners.

Our designs aspire to a higher standard than mere recognition, tribalism, or kitsch. At their best, our shirts stoke nostalgia, spark conversation, and make people laugh. They elicit knowing nods at your neighborhood bar and hearty “who dats” in foreign airports.

We make t-shirts because they’re democratic, both in appeal and in execution: everyone wears them, and anyone can make them.

At Dirty Coast, we believe they can be civic-minded too. We are always looking for local partners we can support with a t-shirt. Fundraising tool and conversation starter, a well made shirt is a walking billboard and the wearer the spokesperson.

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