Be a New Orleanian in Texas

$ 28.00
This shirt donates to Houston Food Bank and will print and ship after September 15th


If you live in New Orleans you might be feeling that seasonal pang of anxiety that comes with the anniversary of Katrina rolling around once again.

While it has been years since we have felt the impact of a hurricane, just a few weeks ago flooding caused damage to some neighborhoods. As we look at the 29th of August approach we also look on from afar as our neighbors in Texas are in need of rescue from Hurricane Harvey.

Our neighbors in Texas took many of us in when our entire city was displaced in 2005. We want to extend a helping hand at their time in need. We all should. Over the next few decades the coasts along the Gulf won't be the only places impacted by sea rise and dangerous storm surge. 

This shirt will raise funds for the 
Houston Food Bank.

We also have stickers and buttons that donate.