Dirty Coast Press Book Single Book Be a New Orleanian (The Book)
Dirty Coast Press Book Be a New Orleanian (The Book)
Dirty Coast Press Book Be a New Orleanian (The Book)

Be a New Orleanian (The Book)

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You don’t have to be a native of New Orleans to be a New Orleanian. It is the city’s magnetism that draws like-minded folk from all over the world, and why many, upon visiting, never quite get around to leaving.

However, for the uninitiated, there are a few simple guidelines to becoming a true citizen of the crescent city.

Be A New Orleanian: The Book by Jim Fitzmorris is a primer for all wannabe who dats. In anticipation of the return of his one-man play by the same title, Dirty Coast has teamed up with Jim to release a book that we believe illustrates what it truly means to love New Orleans.

From surviving city driving to lazy Saturday afternoons as Dorignacs; our smiles and their meanings, and why to celebrate the repenting as much as the reveling, this book is a perfect companion for locals and newcomers alike.

Inside you will find a card of initiation with the New Orleanian pledge. It also doubles at a permanent Dirty Coast 10% off card.

Now, raise your right hand and repeat after me……..

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