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Field Guide To Mardi Gras 2020

$ 9.00

Half scavenger hunt, half locals-only guide.

This interactive field guide to Mardi Gras 2020 gives grown-up revelers an insider's POV on the Greatest Free Show on Earth and a hilarious keepsake to remember the party long after. Local travel personalities the Traveler Broads and the designers at Oh Hi Studio have spent a collective 34 Mardi Gras seasons researching the 150+ parties, parades, plates and personalities packed into this book.

Activities, Tips & Prompts.

We get it! Bragging rights are important. That's why, all throughout this book, you'll get chances to score points by sampling the best Carnival has to offer. Compete with friends, and find out just how well you Mardi Gras.

Designed and Printed in New Orleans