Love, Louisiana Series - Catahoula Tank Top

$ 22.00

In this limited edition series: the Brown PelicanCatahoula Cur and the Magnolia.

The jury's still out on how the loyal Catahoula came to be. Like Louisiana itself, this hound's heritage is gloriously mixed.

Outstanding hunters and herders, they boast camouflaging coats and have prominently webbed paws, which makes them excellent duck-hunting dogs, certainly the best friend of any sportsman in our below-sea-level paradise.

About the Series:

In 1803, the United States made the greatest real estate deal in history; snapping up Louisiana for a song. The home of Jazz, and the cradle of Creole and Cajun culture, Louisiana is the finest and weirdest part of our nation; a place like no other. Here's to a state of mind, a state of being, and occasionally some altered states. Here's to Louisiana.



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