Mr. Okra in Your Pocket

$ 10.00

Sampled in rock songs and featured in films, Mr. Okra is one of New Orleans' quirkiest and most beloved local celebrities. Okra travels throughout the city in an artfully painted truck, blasting out of his speaker a melodic list of produce for sale. Next time you see him at Jazz Fest or traversing the streets of the Ninth Ward, dig his signature sales pitch – then holler back, courtesy of Mr. Okra in Your Pocket.

“I have oranges and bananas. I have eating pears and apples.”
“It ain’t no use in cooking, if you don’t use fresh veg-e-tables.”
“I have blueberries. I have peaches; I have plums. I have the mango.”
“It ain’t no joy like a ninth ward boy.”
“I have mirliton. I have bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers…”
“I love my truck and I love what I do.”