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Trinity Loaves & Fishes was founded in 2006 in response to the needs of those here recovering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Over the ten years it has evolved to continue to meet the needs of those rebuilding after the hurricane but also those in the community who are experiencing hunger and food scarcity. They serve young adults struggling on the streets of New Orleans through their support of the Drop In Center at Covenant House which specializes in providing food, clothing, shelter, and comprehensive services for homeless youth.

They serve several sites dedicated to helping children who are experiencing hunger or food scarcity by supporting their after-school programs at All Souls Episcopal Church, Apex Youth Center, Jesus Project Ministries, St. Anna's Arts for Kids and the tutoring programs at Roosevelt Middle School. Their volunteers have encountered many wonderful people at the New Orleans Mission, with Lazarus House, Project Rebuild Center and Belle Reve. The people they assist are so appreciative and many reach out to the volunteers offering them love and friendship. It's a wonderful two way street of giving and compassionEvery meal they make costs about $3, if their Screens for Good campaign raises $1,000 they could cover the costs of approximately 330 meals! With $2,000 raised they could expand to help sites who've requested help but who they haven't been able to afford to help. Raising $5,000 could add even more sites to their current roster and provide even more meals for homeless youths.They are a truly a volunteer run organization with very low overhead, which is supplemented by the church. Their funds feed! And that's how they like it. Trinity Loaves & Fishes aims to remain a strong advocate for those experiencing hunger and food scarcity in our community. They hope to maintain and increase their ability to serve sites that express a need to them. They want to grow their volunteers and to find innovative ways to meet the needs they encounter through sharing information with others who share their mission.

Support Trinity Loaves & Fishes through their Screens for Good campaign today and wear it proud. Spread the word of their good work.

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