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The Lagniappe List


In 2016 we decided that the regular "punch cards" used by us and most retailers was getting a bit tired. Also, folks use them, then lose them and all that "credit" goes bye-bye.

We designed and had pressed our Lagniappe Coin as a way to create something with more substance, meaning and literal weight. Anyone who has a coin can bring it into our stores and the airport and get 10% off their order, for life.

Those who love elsewhere can send us a picture of them and their coin and we make their email address a 10% off code for our website.

Soon, the coin will be accepted in a bunch of locally owned and operated businesses in town. More soon.


We do giveaways from time to time via our shops and this website. It is usually a sales promotion. Spend X and get a coin. But the easiest way to get one is through Happenstance. We give the coins to folks we see on the street wearing our gear. Happy surprise incidents. We are always on the look-out.