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Restore the Mississippi River Delta - Dirty Coast

We Still Need More Louisiana.

Restore the Mississippi River Delta is the southern super-group of environmental organizations. Comprised of The Environmental Defense Fund, The National Audubon Society, The National Wildlife Federation, The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, and The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, these five organizations work together to restore the loss of Southern Louisiana’s nationally-significant coastal landscape, and in turn provide protection for the wildlife and people on the Gulf Coast.

Many of the Restore the Mississippi River Delta's organizations have had a presence in Louisiana for decades; with one being in operation for nearly a century. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the five individual organizations formed a joint coalition, and began to leverage their collective strengths, expertise and corps members. Their efforts continue to advance large-scale coastal restoration to protect the communities and cultures of Southern Louisiana and the Mississippi River Delta.

Restore the Mississippi River Delta's staff were actively involved in the aftermath of the 2010 BP Oil Spill, and worked tirelessly to seek justice for the crimes committed and environmental damages inflicted on the Gulf Coast. They helped pass the RESTORE Act, which ensured funds from the BP Oil Spill settlement would go toward the Coast's restoration. They continue their mission to present the case for restoration based on advanced comprehensive scientific research.

Experts in various fields of Ecology and Government work together to fulfill the ongoing mission of Restore the Mississippi River Delta's coalition. Scientists conduct original research along with synthesizing existing research to provide critical analyses which help leads to the research of ecological questions that have an applied purpose in restoration decisions.

Through state and federal funded research, ecological experts craft policies that will help restore Coastal Louisiana and have the support of a bipartisan, broad-based group of stakeholders. After the ecological reports, Economic Policy experts highlight the benefits of coastal restoration for the various business industries of Louisiana and throughout nation.

Finally, the volunteer-based conservation work including tree plantings, hydrologic reports, oyster shell recycling, bird monitoring, manual stewardship, marsh creation and restoration can begin. Throughout the process, outreach staff works with a variety of business and civic leaders, community members across the state to garner support for restoring Louisiana’s wetlands.

Through grassroots campaigning, Restore is able to educate the public and private stakeholders about the issues facing the Gulf Coast. Through their important work, Restore's coalition empowers and encourages the citizens of Louisiana and beyond to be ecological advocates in their various communities.

Funds donated to Restore the Mississippi River Delta will be used to support the coalition’s continuing work of coastal preservation and restoration. Outreach and education both play a major role in raising awareness and gathering support for the urgent needs of Southern Louisiana.

The loss of the coastal region wetlands is an on-going problem, and you can help continue this important conversation with by starting with this simple, but impactful statement: “The World Needs More Louisiana.”

Support RESTORE today

For more ways on how you can help Restore the Mississippi River Delta, visit their
Website, and 
be sure to check out their FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages for more information.

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