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Humans have known that caring for the Earth is fundamental in caring for ourselves. However, in modern times we have become more distracted, and the wealth of our planet seems like a back-burner issue, rather than the focus. That is where T.R.E.E. comes in. Their mission is to educate children and adults about the life science processes that govern our planet, to inspire them to appreciate the natural world and to motivate them to protect it.

Teaching Responsible Earth Education (T.R.E.E.) provides academic challenges, instills a caring attitude and provides fundamental knowledge of how the systems on the Earth work. Their programs also immerse children in a safe and natural environment where they are nurtured and can develop a deep appreciation for the precious plants and animals that live on the Earth through thought provoking experiential activities. The culmination of these components creates the impetus for children to make wiser decisions on how to preserve the wonderful diversity of our natural world and to make choices to live more lightly on our magnificent, but often abused, planet.

Their programs guarantee knowledge of basic life science skills while meeting 27%-37% of the Louisiana State Benchmarks in Science and English/Language Arts as well as additional Benchmarks for Math and Social Studies. Their curriculum is directly aligned with the Louisiana State Comprehensive Curriculum. Every moment with the children is utilized to teach the concepts that are presented in the programs. All the activities performed by the children and adult participants, whether it is their initial arrival by bus, walking on the trails, or immersion in the life of a leaf, are executed with one goal: education, and specifically science education.

Learn more about T.R.E.E. on their website or Facebook page and of course, support them today through their Screens for Good campaign. Wear it proud and help the next generation develop the fundamental respect for our one and only home planet.

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