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Unprisoned: Stories from the System

Unprisoned: Stories from the System - Dirty Coast

How are we doing time outside?

Unprisoned is a public radio project which began in November 2015 as part of the Association of Independents in Radio's (AIR) national initiative, Finding America. Unprisoned is one of 15 public radio projects across the country whose mission is to make public radio serve and reflect more of the public. 

Unprisoned shares stories of how mass incarceration affects families, neighborhoods, and notions of justice in New Orleans. How are we doing time outside? 

Unprisoned has produced 13 radio stories (so far!) portraying how mass incarceration has impacted people in New Orleans, the incarceration capital of the world. These radio stories chronicle the lives of specific individuals; the ways they are impacted by having a family member behind bars, the feelings following being profiled by law enforcement, and living outside prison walls, yet within prison-like circumstances.

These are the stories of our neighbors, fellow citizens, and the justice system we have all agreed to live under. Unprisoned airs on WWNO, the New Orleans NPR station, and on WBOK, New Orleans' premiere Black, Talk Radio station.

By raising $1000, Unprisoned would be well on its way to producing another episode, likely including the "Multiple Offender Law", which leads to gross over incarceration, information on the bail bond industry, and lastly, a story about a boy whose incarcerated brother urged him away from a life of crime.

Reaching a $2000 milestone would cover the production of an additional Unprisoned episode.

A final goal of $5000 would cover the cost of two additional Unprisoned episodes. 

In just 8 months, Unprisoned has already heightened the general public's awareness about how mass incarceration damages the social fabric of our city, and how it makes our city less safe.

It is our hope that Unprisoned continues to generate conversation and educate New Orleanians on the importance of citizenry.
Ultimately, Unprisoned wants to be a factor in creating the political will to reform our Criminal Justice system, into one that is more humane, unbiased, and cost effective.

For more information about Unprisoned, visit the WebsiteFacebook , Twitter

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