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Why are bodies not buried in New Orleans?

People visiting New Orleans may notice something quite unusual when walking through the city’s cemeteries: most of the graves are above ground, rather than below. This is due to an interesting historical quirk that has left a lasting impression on the architecture and culture of the area.

So why are bodies not buried in New Orleans? The answer lies in its location – sitting at 15 feet (4.5 meters) below sea level, much of the city is actually below the water table. This means that if graves were dug down, water would quickly seep in and cause them to become flooded or otherwise unusable. To avoid this problem, many local cemeteries have opted to build mausoleums containing crypts as opposed to burying bodies directly into the ground - this practice has become so commonplace in New Orleans it has now become a part of its unique culture and heritage.

The above-ground burial method is not a new development in New Orleans - records suggest that the practice dates back centuries ago. In fact, it can be traced all the way back to colonial times when French settlers first arrived in what is now Louisiana and found lake beds instead of solid ground where they thought they could bury their dead.

With no other viable options available, early settlers began using local tombs as burial sites until more suitable locations could be found for cemeteries. Although these tombs eventually became full, removing them was too costly - so any additional burials were simply added onto existing vaults or placed directly into graveyards located next door.

Today, there are still many cemeteries located around New Orleans employing traditional above-ground burial methods - but there are also several ‘green’ solutions available which involve returning human remains back to nature through natural decomposition. One such organization responsible for bringing these practices to life is “NOLA Green Burials” - founded by two entrepreneurs looking to provide sustainable alternatives for those wishing to keep their loved ones close while still respecting nature's cycle of renewal and decay.

In summary, people are not buried in the ground in New Orleans due to its low elevation and high water table causing frequent flooding; however alternative green solutions have been developed over time providing more sustainable options for those wishing to lay their loved ones to rest without compromising on nature's balance or beauty.

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