Bending The River

Our podcast about New Orleans' past, present and hopeful future.

We hope to explore the intricate tapestry of New Orleans.

New Orleans has 300 years of history which gives us cherished traditions and a way of life we love while blending with entrenched challenges we wish we didn’t have to deal with day to day.

We sit down and talk with some of our neighbors in the city. We hope our guests can help unravel the decisions of the past that set our course to today.

While learning about their lives and the work they do we will discuss together some of the changes that could be made to help chart a course for a more functional future.

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Toya Boudy

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InterviewsMaurice Carlos Ruffin - Dirty Coast

Maurice Carlos Ruffin

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Jessica Dandridge on the Claiborne Overpass Reporting on the Claiborne Overpass Photo By Owen F. Murphy, Jr., The Historic New Orleans Collection, Gift Of Arts Council Of New Orleans [1996.93.47] Blake: In a report published in 2...

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