Blue Plate

Blue Plate Mayonnaise is a popular brand of mayonnaise that has a rich history, particularly in the Southern United States. The brand was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1927 by Baumer Foods, Inc. Baumer Foods was a family-owned business that had been producing various condiments and sauces since the late 19th century. We work with Blue Plate on new products through our other company Bayou Brands. Spread the love.

The Beginning

1927: Blue Plate Mayonnaise is introduced - Baumer Foods introduced Blue Plate Mayonnaise to the market in 1927. It quickly gained popularity due to its unique taste and quality.

Unique recipe: One of the key factors that contributed to the success of Blue Plate Mayonnaise was its distinctive recipe, which included high-quality ingredients and a rich, creamy texture. It became known for its homemade taste.

Every Kitchen

Southern tradition: Blue Plate Mayonnaise became an integral part of Southern cuisine, and it was often used in traditional dishes like potato salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs, and sandwiches.

Expansion: Over the years, Blue Plate Mayonnaise expanded its distribution beyond Louisiana and the Southern United States and became available in many regions of the country.

Spread The Love

Blue Plate Mayonnaise is known for its commitment to quality and tradition, and it continues to be a preferred choice for many consumers, especially those who appreciate its unique flavor and its association with Southern cooking. While the brand has evolved over the years, it has maintained its place as a well-respected mayonnaise brand with a rich history.

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