Open Doors

Hello everyone. We wanted to chime in and share some of our team’s thoughts on what we are all currently experiencing as a community. 

In 2005, here in New Orleans, our city was effectively shut-down and we were displaced across the country. We experienced collectively both trauma and a new found solidarity as a community. For our team here at Dirty Coast, the current national experience echos that of 2005. Whether it is our community, or the communities we have supported over the years -- talking about you Puerto Rico, Baton Rouge and Houston -- when your way of life is disrupted at this scale you experience stress, worry and at moments panic. You scramble to figure out the new normal. But these are also moments where you have newfound perspective, appreciate what you have, begin talking to your neighbors more regularly and find ways to help each other out. 

No one knows what the coming few weeks will bring, but we can speculate. With schools closed parents are going to have to find ways to tend to the kids and manage work. Distance learning, play-dates and habitual hand washing will be memories each of our kids will have from here on out. Musicians will look to other means to perform and entertain through digital platforms. Restaurants, bars and coffee shops will try to sustain business while patrons choose whether to stay home or go out to experience some normalcy and support a local business. Retail will shift their focus to online, local delivery and curb-side pickup.

We hope everyone takes the time to plan how to manage their safety and the safety of those around them. Remember to continue to reach out and talk with each other on ways to help. Oh, and stop hoarding toilet paper. We can already see this as a costume theme for Mardi Gras 2021.


What we are doing as a company:


Our Shops --

  • For the time being WE ARE CLOSED at all 3 of our locations. More updates when we have them on when we can re-open.
  • Our website will stay operational and our shipping team have taken precautions with sanitizing our small warehouse space and packaging.
  • We are planning local delivery as well in the coming weeks.
  • We have FREE SHIPPING on any orders over $40 for the time being.


Our Staff -- 

  • Dirty Coast is a family business and we will support our staff with their health needs and sick leave as needed.
  • Stay tuned for daily online and (while available) in store specials for teachers; students; emergency responders; medical staff, hospitality and more.


Our Community --

  • We want to hear from you. How can we help you? Dirty Coast would like to know what non-profits and resources need our support. We will be donating to support the causes that support you. 
  • Stay tuned as we look to share any helpful information on social media channels. We will also look to share some levity and humor during this quarantine experience.


Some have asked if we would make a shirt about what we are all going through at the moment. We thought about it and have decided that, Yes, we will design something. Chances are it will raise funds for a local organization looking to help those who need access to food and supplies as the shelves of many stores look to be hurricane prep depleted.

That is all for now. Remember to ask for help, offer support and cook up a storm. We will see you on the other side of this. 


From Our Team Dirty Coast,

Susan, Blake, Rachel, Price, Justin, Cat, Micah, Alex, Aaron, Ashley, Joe, Nick, Mike, Brenna, Marcelle, & Dede.

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