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French Quarter

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100% handmade soap bar

MSY Airport

100% handmade soap bar

We strive to create t-shirts that transcend the laundry pile.

100% handmade soap bar

WWOZ.org has been one of our longest running partners.

Our designs aspire to a higher standard than mere recognition, tribalism, or kitsch. At their best, our shirts stoke nostalgia, spark conversation, and make people laugh. They elicit knowing nods at your neighborhood bar and hearty “who dats” in foreign airports.

We make t-shirts because they’re democratic, both in appeal and in execution: everyone wears them, and anyone can make them.

At Dirty Coast, we believe they can be civic-minded too. We are always looking for local partners we can support with a t-shirt. Fundraising tool and conversation starter, a well made shirt is a walking billboard and the wearer the spokesperson.

Why More?

While we still love making t-shirts, our ambition has us seeking bigger canvases than a screen print can provide. There’s simply too much worth sharing here.We want to write, record, film, and photograph. We want to evangelize our city with whatever tools we can, providing both breadth of interest and depth of understanding to convey our delirious love for New Orleans. With a little help from our friends and collaborators, we can create an online home for knowledge, opinions, and stories that help us love our city better.Here, we can share enthusiasms, give recommendations, and tell tall tales. We can cheerlead, criticize, and engage in a little friendly argument about who we are and what we want from our city. You’ll leave with a new favorite song, a cocktail recipe to try, and a few deep cut facts to share at your next crawfish boil. 

Owned By Locals

Dirty Coast was founded in 2005.
Our Story.

Free & Easy Returns

If the shirt fits, wear it. If not, we got you covered. Happy Returns.

Our Lifetime Discount

The Lagniappe Coin is a perk for life.
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Work With Us

We're always looking for local partners, designers, and artists to collaborate with. Reach Out.