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Give Nola Day is the perfect day to share the news of an initiative within our company that we are very excited about.

Since our founding in 2005, we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing non-profits and causes. We have had the chance to help donate over a $100,000 in products and a portion of sales to over 60 organizations. There always is a need to help community organizations raise funds and awareness. It is because of this that we are launching our new endeavor.

This month Dirty Coast becomes 2 companies. 

Dirty Coast Press will remain what it has always been, a locally owned and operated brand dedicated to having fun celebrating and commenting on this weird place we call home. Screens for Good​, our new company, will be a brand dedicated solely to working with non-profits and causes to help them raise the necessary funds and awareness they all need.

How it will work?
Working with causes and creatives, we produce original products that will sell well, will be worn often and each item will help tell an important story. Everything we produce will be for sale for 4 weeks only. We share all profits 50/50 with our partners.

Who will this benefit?
The first organizations who have signed up span the spectrum. Their areas of concern and focus help heal, protect, defend and educate our local communities. Each does amazing work. They do the hard work that is rarely celebrated or recognized. We hope to help change that.

If you would like to join Screens for Good as a cause or as a creative, just visit and fill out the form.


Here are our first community partners to have campaigns through Screens for Good:

The Eagle Saloon, Ana for Elephants, Funny Bones, The Happy Bowlers,Propeller, UnPrisoned, Louisiana SPCA, The Musicians Clinic, Youth Run Nola,Coliseum Square Association, Crescent City Farmers Market, Son of a Saint,YCA, Bike Easy, SoFAB, WWNO and Habitat for Humanity.


Interested in working with us?


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