The Dirt

The Debris Ep. 1: "Weather"

with help from Dirty Coast Press

The Path of the Storm


In New Orleans, where the weather routinely impacts not just our days, but our life choices,   local forecasters tend to take on a mythical status. Chief among these, was Nash Roberts, "the weather god." The first full time weatherman in the south, as well as the first to use radar on television. Roberts became known for his calming demeanor during storms and hurricanes, giving life-saving guidance to the residents of Southeast Louisiana, and earning him his legendary rank. He was the only local forecaster to accurately predict the paths of Hurricane Betsy in 1965, which hit New Orleans directly, and Hurricane Camille in 1969, a storm that devastated coastal Mississippi. Starting at WDSU-TV, Roberts moved to Newscene 8 at WVUE-TV before landing permanently at Eyewitness News at WWL-TV in 1978. Even after his retirement in 1985, Roberts would continue to go on the air as a special consultant when hurricanes loomed close the gulf. Even after his death in 2010, Roberts continued to be remembered the region over for his unflappable conduct in times of crisis, and for the hundreds of lives saved by his accuracy and advice.  


WWL-TV New Orleans - Nash Roberts Tribute

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