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Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition Contest

As we approach the 10th anniversaries of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita – a time when we all learned how important the Louisiana coast is as the first line of defense and a protective buffer from devastating storms – Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition and Dirty Coast are partnering to feature YOUR coastal restoration message on t-shirts, bags, posters and other snazzy products that will be sold in our shops and and online to help raise awareness and support for Louisiana coastal restoration. Proceeds of all products sold go to help the Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition.

We will pick the 3 best slogans and let you vote for the best. The first place slogan becomes a design we will use year round to help raise funds for restoration efforts. That person also receives a $200 gift card. Second place receives a $100 gift card and 3rd place a $50 gift card.

We are looking to positive, proactive messaging. Solutions exist. The coast can be restored and must be taken seriously for future generations:

Keep it positive: Our situation is grave, but we want to feature positive, proactive messages that convey that solutions are possible. Some questions to get your creative juices flowing:

What does the Louisiana coast mean to you?

Why is it important that the Louisiana coast be restored?

How would you explain coastal restoration to a kindergartener?

Why is it important that we act now to restore the coast?

Keep it simple: The message needs to be easily understood, engaging and memorable. 

Keep it fun: In case you’re not familiar with our designs, See some of them here for inspiration

What’s In It For You:

Prizes: We will supply you with free shirts so that you can bask in your creative genius. Other prizes to winners will be announced soon.

Glory: Your message will be proudly worn by coastal warriors around the country for generations to spread the message of coastal restoration.

Pride: You can tell your grandkids that you had a hand in the fight to save our coast.

What more reasons do you need? Now get to work unleashing your creative genius to save the coast! Submit your ideas here. We can’t wait to see the results.

Questions? Email

Louisiana continues to lose a football field of land every hour – wetlands that are crucial to protecting our communities from storm surge. Without action, we stand to lose another 1000 square miles by 2050. We want to engage people locally and nationally to understand just how important our coast is to the long-term resiliency of Southern Louisiana. That’s where YOU come in. We want to hear your ideas for slogans that the creative wizzes at Dirty Coast can use to create designs that they’ll place on products to educate people around the world about how badly we need our coast restored now.

The Lagniappe List is a growing index of some of our favorite locally-owned businesses in the New Orleans Region. To be on the list a business must be owned and operated in New Orleans and have a great reputation with locals. 

Each business on this list accepts the Lagniappe Coin if you bring it in. Each perk offered by each business is unique to them. It is their idea of a lagniappe perk for supporting them.  Have a biz and wish to be added to the list? Let us know.