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M is for Muses

M is for Muses

The original ladies of Mardi Gras. Muses is a favorite of all New Orleanians, many of whom go to great lengths to win one of Carnivals most coveted throws: the hand-decorated Muses shoes. With floats from satirical to stunning, this is a parade not to be missed. 




"To the people of New Orleans, they are street names, often mispronounced. In Greek mythology the nine Muses were the daughters of Zeus.

First parading in 2001, the Muses organization now has over 1000 riding members and was the first all-female organization to parade at night in Uptown New Orleans.

The Krewe of Muses’ vision is to tap into and recognize the local artistic and cultural resources of the community and incorporate them into a Muses Mardi Gras tradition, making the entire community a part of the Krewe of Muses parade. We celebrate their wildness before they were tamed, their virtues after they were appointed, and their place in the mystique of New Orleans, where each virtue seems to thrive."





Feb 4th 6:30pm


1. Shoes are only given to those who have accepted the true meaning of Mardi Gras into their hearts. If you’ve already caught one, let someone else ride the frontline.

2. Don’t stand next to children. They will beat you out for throws every single time.

3. Get into the spirit with the annual official Muses beer by our friends at NOLA Brewing!

Bring: Your "Throw Like A Girl" Shirt
Catch It: Under the over pass by (formerly) Lee circle, or if you want to see the beginning, Magazine and Jefferson. 
All photos courtesy of ©Marc Pagani Photography -
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