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Allen Touissaint

Allen Touissaint was one of the most influential figures in New Orleans music history, and the world is still feeling his influence today. Born in 1938 in a working-class neighborhood of Gert Town, Touissaint quickly displayed a natural talent for playing piano. By the time he was fifteen years old, Allen had already been hired as a pianist at Harold Battiste’s local R&B label AFO Records.

Touissaint would later go on to become one of the leading architects of modern New Orleans music during its golden age, producing hits for well-known acts like Dr. John and The Meters as well as local stars like Lee Dorsey and Jessie Hill. He also helmed records for classic artists like Paul McCartney and Bonnie Raitt throughout his four-decade long career.

In addition to being an enormously talented producer and musician; Allen Touissaint was also an incredible songwriter whose compositions were covered by countless musicians over the years; from country legends like Tammy Wynette to pop icons such as The Rolling Stones. His work went far beyond writing music though; Touissaint created musical architectures that supported some of New Orleans’ most beloved recordings—whether it be through his productions or orchestral arrangements.

Allen Touissaint tragically passed away back in 2015 but his legacy lives on not only through the timeless records he left behind but also through his commitment to preserving New Orleans heritage which inspired countless future generations of musicians from all different genres from around the world. His contributions to music have rightfully earned him a place among leaders such as Louis Armstrong and Fats Domino who defined what it meant to share the sounds of this great city with the entire world!

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