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Brandy Milk Punch

Brandy Milk Punch is a classic New Orleans drink that has been enjoyed for centuries. A sweet, milky concoction made from brandy, milk, vanilla and nutmeg, Brandy Milk Punch is an integral part of the city’s culture and history.

The first recorded recipe for Brandy Milk Punch appeared in 1852 in The New Orleans Confession of a Confectioner’s Clerk by William Pegram. According to legend, the beverage was invented by a bartender at Burgundy Street's La Louisiane in the 1850s. Over the years, the original recipe has evolved to include various variations on ingredients like bourbon or rum instead of brandy and brown sugar as a sweetener instead of simple syrup.

Despite its many variations, Brandy Milk Punch remains a beloved staple of Louisiana’s dining scene. It can be found served up at all sorts of eateries throughout the state – from casual dive bars to fine dining establishments – and is frequently used as an ingredient in other local favorites such as Sazeracs and Ramos Gin Fizzes. While it’s traditionally served cold over ice or with shaved ice cubes on top, this creamy libation can also be thoughtfully crafted into warm winter drinks (like Southern Comfort eggnog) that are sure to delight any cozy holiday gathering.

No matter how you prefer your Brandy Milk Punch – shaken or stirred – one thing is for certain: this iconic New Orleans treat will continue to reign supreme for years to come! In addition to bringing together friends and family during special occasions, this delightful libation also serves as a reminder of the diverse culinary traditions that make up our beloved Crescent City. So if you find yourself down in The Big Easy soon, raise your glass high and give a toast to Brandy Milk Punch – a scrumptious symbol of NOLA culture since way back when.

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