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Chris Owens

In a city filled with legendary nightlife, Chris Owens stands alone. For decades, her larger-than-life performances and glamorous style have made her an icon of New Orleans culture.

Born in the Crescent City in 1932, Chris began performing at the classic club La Maison de Marigny when she was only 17 years old. She quickly became one of its most popular acts, thrilling audiences with high energy performances and show-stopping costumes that included feathers, sequins and more. Since then, she’s been featured in several films and TV shows such as Treme, American Horror Story and many more.

Every Sunday night Chris puts on what is known as “the Chris Owens Revue” where she plays an array of jazz standards and original songs while dancing with a troupe of talented dancers. Her moves are classic—part vaudeville, part burlesque—and never fail to please a crowd. During the show you’ll find her doing everything from swing dancing to the Charleston to wearing outrageous hats adorned with sparkly stars or multicolored boas.

As much a part of New Orleans culture as Mardi Gras itself, it comes as no surprise that visitors flock to see the iconic queen of French Quarter cabaret every week. But beyond performance artistry and style to spare—Chris is also an ambassador for her beloved city which she proudly represents through its music, culture, spirit and soul! It really is hard to experience all that New Orleans has to offer without taking in a show by Chris Owens; so come join us any Sunday night at La Maison de Marigny and get ready for some real southern charm.

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