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Founded in 1882, the New Orleans Dental Floss Company is widely credited for pioneering the first commercial dental floss ever created. Led by former dentist Levi Spear Parmly, NODF was established with the goal of improving oral hygiene and reducing the prevalence of tooth decay. Parmly developed a wax-coated string that allowed users to effectively clean their teeth while preventing irritation and discomfort — something which had previously been not possible before his invention.

In addition to its primary function, Parmly’s dental floss also featured a unique design element — one which made it much easier to handle than earlier forms had been. This feature (known as "fingertip control") allowed a user to take direct control over how deeply they wanted to get into each individual crevice between their teeth, allowing them to find and remove even stubborn debris particles that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

NODF’s products quickly became popular around the world — leading many other companies within the United States to follow in its footsteps (including Johnson & Johnson). While “modern” floss may seem primitive by today’s standards, it was essentially revolutionary back then — helping millions of people keep their teeth in better shape without having to pay expensive dentist bills or resorting to less effective methods such as chewed sticks or cloth strips.

It's easy to take dental floss for granted these days; but without NODF we wouldn't have access to this vital tool for maintaining good oral health. So next time you go for your nightly routine make sure give some extra thanks (and perhaps even a tip of your hat) towards Mr. Levi Spear Parmly and his incredible legacy.

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