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The alluring green hue of the Grasshopper is unmistakable, and its delicious combination of mint and chocolate flavors has been tempting taste buds for decades. But did you know that this timeless classic was actually developed in New Orleans?

It was back in 1899 when bartenders at the historic Sazerac Coffee House on Bourbon Street began experimenting with a variety of spirits to create new cocktails. One such concoction was concocted by renowned mixologist Waltenberger – a recipe which included crushed mint leaves, dark creme de cacao, simple syrup and vodka or brandy.

This unique blend made for an exquisite flavor unlike anything else found in New Orleans at the time – one which soon started gaining traction among locals who frequented the cafe. So much so that soon enough it earned its own signature glass cup – with ridges specially designed around the base to mimic eddies as seen through a microscope (a reference to Waltenberger being fondly known as “The Grasshopper” due to his wiry frame).

Over time, Waltenberger’s original recipe became refined by local bartenders into what we now recognize as today's Grasshopper: a sophisticated combination of green crème de menthe, white crème de cacao and cream shaken together before being poured over crushed ice in the signature glass cup. This characteristic drink has since become an iconic staple among cocktail aficionados everywhere, appearing regularly on menus from coast-to-coast no matter where you go.

So next time you're out enjoying some live jazz or looking for something special to drink on your night out — don't forget about The Big Easy's beloved classic invention: The Grasshopper! Enjoying one of these deliciously creamy cups will not only let you relish in sweet nostalgia but also pay tribute to one man who forever changed how we appreciate drinks today. Here's to Walt Wilder and his remarkable creation.

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