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Kellie Talbot is one of our favorite painters and we are happy to share and sell some of her work on out site and in our shops. We first discovered her work on Instagram and were blown away with the photo realism of her work of classic neon signs in the city.


What should someone add to their bucket list for experiencing New Orleans and the surrounding parishes?

Take your bike up to the levee and ride along the Mississippi River. Stop for snacks and watch the ships.

What does it mean to be a New Orleanian?

The ability to revel both in sunshine and in shadow no matter what kind of curve ball life throws at you.

What neighborhood do you live in when you visit? What is great about your street and block?

My husband and I —along with our duck and our cat—spend our months in New Orleans in the Uptown neighborhood. I like hearing band practice in the streets and the train cars hitching up to each other. I like the friendly neighbors and everything being just a short bike ride away. I’ll paint all morning and then ride up to Audubon to feed the ducks. Then maybe a late afternoon stop at Kingpin for some shuffleboard on the way home.

Snowball flavor(s):

I’m going to have to say that I prefer the ones with booze in them, so…..daiquiris !

Who would be your ultimate festival headliner?

Etta James ( though no longer an option ) or the Black Keys

How do you do Mardi Gras Day?

Sometimes I stay Uptown. Sometimes I end up in the Quarter/Marigny. It depends on whether we want to be in the midst of things or a little more mellow.

Your favorite Dirty Coast shirt design?

I like so many, but my all time fav is the Bling Tree <3

Who do you respect as creators of culture and great community members and why?

It’s the artists, writers, architects, preservationists, bartenders—and Muses ladies I know that make up the fabric of New Orleans for me. These are people who are maintaining the city’s traditions and telling its stories.

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Thank you for loving New Orleans and sharing what you enjoy when you stay with us. I cherish my home and feel proud to be a native New Orleanian.

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