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Doing Good - Featuring the great organizations we have had the pleasure to work with, those of us helping New Orleans tackle it's many issues / Curious Tourist - Some common questions about the city we hear from visitors / Interviews - Our chance to talk to interesting follks in hte community / The Index - This is a rolling A-Z of topics that have shaped the city / The Dirt - Our own ramblings, experiences and opinions

Kellie Talbot - Dirty Coast Press

Kellie Talbot

Kellie Talbot is one of our favorite painters and we are happy to share and sell some of her work on out site and in our shops. We first discovered her work on Instagram and were blown away with t...

Andrea Chen

How has the landscape changed over the past few years in regards to community organizations and start-ups supporting neighborhoods and the environment?  What should someone add to their bucket l...

InterviewsElijah Bradshaw - Dirty Coast Press

Elijah Bradshaw

You would be hard-pressed to find a better guide to the city than Elijah. He knows where to find the right dish, drink and spot on any given day of night.

InterviewsWeston McWhorter - Dirty Coast Press

Weston McWhorter

Wes has been a leading voice in the local design space here ever since he moved to town. Now he is the founder of Rouler and is fostering a community with a passion for cycling.

InterviewsZack Smith - Dirty Coast Press

Zack Smith

Zack Smith is one of those few insider friends who helped to form the idea around Dirty Coast before we launched. He is now a respected educator, great photographer and musician. 

InterviewsMaurice Ruffin - Dirty Coast Press

Maurice Ruffin

I was born a writer, but didn't get my work into the world until recently. Also, the two are not mutually exclusive. Contrary to popular belief. . .

InterviewsMarci Schramm - Dirty Coast Press

Marci Schramm

Doing Mardi Gras like a local, an evening on Frenchmen Street, Chaz Fest, doing a lap walking in Audubon Park with friends (and cocktails if it's . . .

InterviewsVera Lester - Dirty Coast Press

Vera Lester

Vera is like a great jazz song. She evolves and changes her path often but always has a solid core you see threaded through all she does. Her involvement . . . 

InterviewsPhil Frazier - Dirty Coast Press

Phil Frazier

Phil and Dirty Coast's relationship goes back to 1996 when Blake, our Creative Director, booked Rebirth for shows up in Sewanee, Tennessee . . .

InterviewsMarc Pagani - Dirty Coast Press

Marc Pagani

Marc Pagani has been a good friend of Dirty Coast ever since he shot Blake and Susan's wedding in 2007. Since then we have found ourselves . . .

Chris Rose

For the next 4,000 words, Rose described a spiral familiar to many Katrina survivors: the “crying jags and fetal positionings,” the “thousand-yard stare,” the inability to hold conversations. “I’...

InterviewsMeet Vivi Nguyen from Radical Joy Bakery - Dirty Coast Press

Meet Vivi Nguyen from Radical Joy Bakery

Hi Vivi! Tell us a little about yourself! My name is Vivi Nguyen (vee-vee win), or Nguyễn Hạ Vi Vi, as my mother intended it to be. My pronouns are she/they. I was raised in Westminster, CA, also k...

The Journal

Here we share things we find interesting about New Orleans and the Gulf South, organizations and people that deserve more attention and answer some questions about the area.

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