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Maurice “Moon” Landrieu

Maurice “Moon” Landrieu, born in 1930 in New Orleans, Louisiana, is best remembered for his many contributions to the city. Mayor of New Orleans from 1970-1978, Landrieu put forth a great effort to ensure racial equality and strengthen the economy in New Orleans through his focus on infrastructure improvements.

During Mayor Landrieu's term, he was influential in securing funds for major works including the Louisiana Superdome and the Pontchartrain Expressway. He also implemented numerous public works projects that focused on improving schools and parks while making sure they were affordable to everyone.

But one of his most lasting legacies is the desegregation of public facilities throughout New Orleans. When he took office, racial tensions were still high across the city and Landrieu implemented initiatives designed to promote better relationships between all people regardless of race or class. Among these was his order that all libraries, swimming pools, playgrounds as well as other public spaces be opened to everyone — effectively ending segregation in New Orleans.

Landrieu was also known for his commitment to preserving natural surroundings. Along with improvements made on existing parks; he was instrumental in creating several new green spaces - one such example being Crescent Park located along the Mississippi River which boasts a covered pavilion as well as bike paths and walking trails along its banks.

Today, Moon Landrieu's legacy lives on through various landmarks around the city — particularly through Maurice "Moon" Park which stands at Lafitte Street near City Hall as well as the renamed Moonwalk promenade alongside Jackson Square Park! Any visit to New Orleans is incomplete without a nod towards this brave leader who fought so hard for equality across all its citizens.

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