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Steve Kuhnau

Steve Kuhnau is a shining example of the spirit of New Orleans. Born and raised in the Big Easy, he is a passionate believer in embracing his city's culture, history, and people. From an early age, Steve was instilled with a sense of hospitality that has shaped his entire life.

Growing up in New Orleans meant having fun no matter where you went – something that Steve still appreciates today. From the iconic Mardi Gras celebrations to jazz music at the many nightclubs all around town, there’s no denying that there’s always something to do in this vibrant city.

Steve has made use of every opportunity available to him while living in New Orleans. He attended Tulane University and earned both an MBA and JD before working at prominent local law firms as well as on numerous political campaigns throughout Louisiana.

The resilient nature of those born and raised in The Big Easy is perhaps its most defining characteristic, and it comes as no surprise that Steve embodies this resilience perfectly. While challenging economic times have created some difficulty for many locals over recent years, Steve has refused to allow any obstacle to stand between himself and success. It was this tenacity that led him to launch his own firm in 2013 after working for another firm for just two short years prior.

But through it all, it’s clear that Steve remains deeply rooted in his New Orleans upbringing He proudly represents large companies such as Chevron Corporation by strengthening their presence throughout the region and beyond. He also gives back to his hometown by providing scholarships for high school students wanting to continue their education at one of Louisiana's universities or colleges.

Steve Kuhnau truly represents everything good about New Orleans – its positive attitude towards life, its passion for food, music and dancing, its resilient spirit towards economic hardship – making him an inspiring role model both inside and outside of The Big Easy’s borders. Here’s hoping he continues his remarkable journey going forward!

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