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The 10% Forever Discount Lagniappe Coin

As a small brand we have built up a great following since 2005. We are always bewildered by the interest we get all over the world and the folks we meet in our shops from all corners. Many of you have been customers since we started, some of you are new dedicated customers buying from us over 10 times in the past few months. It is awesome and we love you for supporting us.

We wanted to create something to share our appreciation and to have some fun. We have made this Lagniappe 10% Forever coin as a gift to all of you. We only have a few of them so we are working on a few ways to hand them out. Here are the ways . . .

1) Happenstance. We have started to leave these coins around town for the lucky person to find them. In the bathroom at Satsuma, on a bench at Palmer Park, etc.

2) If we see you wearing our clothes while out and about. We started this yesterday. We are on the look out.

In 2018 we have a BIG city wide idea for these coins, think discount at your favorite bar or access to a private show somewhere in town. The Lagniappe coin will be much bigger and far reaching than just out little stores.

Have fun.


The Lagniappe List is a growing index of some of our favorite locally-owned businesses in the New Orleans Region. To be on the list a business must be owned and operated in New Orleans and have a great reputation with locals. 

Each business on this list accepts the Lagniappe Coin if you bring it in. Each perk offered by each business is unique to them. It is their idea of a lagniappe perk for supporting them.  Have a biz and wish to be added to the list? Let us know.