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The House of Dance and Feathers

Located in the Tremé neighborhood of New Orleans, House of Dance and Feathers is one of the city’s most unique attractions. Focusing on African American culture and traditions throughout the region, it’s a place to learn, experience and celebrate all things New Orleans.

Formerly a dance hall and social club, this family-owned establishment is now home to an array of activities that represent the city’s vibrant heritage. Visitors can take part in traditional dance classes such as Bounce Dancing or participate in special events like “Culture Hacks” which focus on music and movement. There are also seminars held by notable historians and speakers that explore various topics like black music, politics and civil rights.

If you are looking for a more hands-on experience when visiting House of Dance and Feathers then you won't be disappointed! Through their Artist-in-Residence program, visitors have the chance to get up close with costumed performers in costume workshops where they can learn from live demonstrations about techniques such as assembling a feather headdress or masking with fabric dyes. In addition, guests can take part in other interactive experiences like making art from recycled materials or painting custom fabrics for future projects.

House of Dance and Feathers really does provide something for everyone; so if you're looking for a cultural journey through the heart of New Orleans then look no further! From educational activities to become immersed in local customs—you'll be sure to come away feeling more connected to this historic city than ever before. So don your feathers, grab some beads and join us at House of Dance and Feathers today.

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