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The World Needs More Louisiana

The World Needs More Louisiana - Dirty Coast

The World Still Very Much Needs More Louisiana

By Jacques P. Hebert

Back in 2015 as we commemorated 10 years since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita dealt our state two devastating blows, our organization partnered with cool, local retailer Dirty Coast to develop a design and message that articulated why Louisiana’s coast is so important and worth preserving. We put a call out to you – the public – asking for ideas, and you delivered by bringing “The World Needs More Louisiana” to life.

Since then, this powerful rallying cry has appeared on t-shirts, bags and posters and been proudly worn and shared by people from right here in New Orleans to as far away as Prague.

Nearly six years later, this message and the underlying sentiment still very much ring true. Our world does need more Louisiana, and all that Louisiana brings to the world. From our diverse, warm people whose cultures have shaped music, cuisine and so much more to our uniquely beautiful coastal landscapes and vibrant wildlife that make our state an ecological and recreational paradise.  We can’t forget our ports that connect America to the world and our businesses that have contributed everything from hot sauce to aerospace technology with innovation and resolve. Y'all need us, world!

At the same time, Louisiana needs more Louisiana … literally. As our state experiences the ongoing effects of a dire land loss crisis, our communities need more Louisiana coastal wetlands to provide a vital buffer between the Gulf of Mexico and our homes. That was never more apparent than during last year’s hurricane season – the most active ever recorded – when we were hit by multiple storms that rapidly intensified overnight.

To address this need, Louisiana is advancing a number of coastal projects including the largest coastal restoration project in U.S. history that would deliver more Louisiana in our region by harnessing the power and sediment of the Mississippi River to build and maintain thousands of acres of wetlands. Without this project, we will get a whole lot less Louisiana to the tune of 428 square miles less in the next 50 years — or the equivalent to 1.2 the size of Orleans Parish! In the aftermath of the BP Oil Spill, this project will also restore the health of the entire ecosystem and prevent further land loss and saltwater intrusion that would risk the ecological collapse of the Barataria Basin and all the species that depend on it. Visit and send a message that Louisiana cannot afford a future without our coast.

So, amidst that backdrop, we are excited that Dirty Coast is relaunching The World Needs More Louisiana, so you can wear this message proudly whether you’re showing off your Louisiana pride right here in Arabi or all the way in Argentina! Starting today, and over the course of the next seven days, you can buy “The World Needs More Louisiana'' shirts for yourself, your neighbors or even your frenemies over in Mississippi.

Even more, a portion of the proceeds from sales of these shirts will help support coastal restoration work led by our Restore the Mississippi River Delta partners, including on the ground volunteer-led tree plantings, coastal community clean up events, and oyster shell recycling and  reef-building.

So what are you waiting for? Get your “The World Needs More Louisiana” products here while they’re available and help spread the message worldwide. Huge thank you to our friends at Dirty Coast for their continued support of our coast!


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