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FREE Shipping On All Orders Over $100.

A Baton to Carry

In collaboration with GoodwoodNola, we have designed and are producing this limited edition baton. We chose the baton for obvious reasons as a symbol of working together as a community and taking turns supporting each other.

The profits from this baton will be donated to support Second Harvest Food Bank Disaster Response. These are limited edition, numbered and hand made. Please allow for a few weeks for production.


Each baton is a Red Oak dowel cut down to 1' lengths. The center is cut using a jig on the chop saw and painted gold. The entire dowel is stained a dark walnut tone then tips are taped off and painted red. Once dried the center is taped off and painted gold. After all paint has dried we finish the baton in a finish wax for lasting color. 


Eleven years ago, the waters rose and Baton Rouge was there for New Orleans. They opened their doors. They offered the roof over their heads, invited us to their tables, and made room in their schools.

This August, the waters rose again. A storm without a name brought destruction beyond measure. And it’s our turn to help.

We haven’t forgotten the generosity Baton Rouge showed us. We’re ready to carry the Baton.


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