The Dirt

Why the Dirt?

Not everything we have to say fits on a t-shirt.

From the beginning, Dirty Coast has been a way for us to express how we feel about our city, our home.

A chance to celebrate, poke fun at and be critical of New Orleans, her missteps and triumphs, through the instrument of the lowly t-shirt.

What started as a single philosophy about local pride, has become the t-shirt shop our city deserves; providing a wearable alternative to Drunk 1 and Drunk 2.

For ten years we have evolved as a brand along with the city itself, as a destination for tourists and locals alike. Over time, Dirty Coast has become a kind of de facto concierge to the Nola experience, pointing the way to the roads, and bars, less traveled.

But not everything we have to say fits on a t-shirt. The need to expand beyond the designs we produce has grown with each storm, scandal, and super bowl. We want to write, film, photograph, and represent our city to the world at large. With a little help from our friends, we want to take our knowledge, opinions, treasures, and create a digital journal of New Orleans. A place to come for hell raising, bucket lists, and booze. What’s new, what’s old, and just where we at.  

A space to share what we’re excited about. A dish, a neighborhood, an event or happening, a new favorite or old haunt. Go here, try this, see that, oh by the way... this happens from time to time. A space for friends to share their own stories and opinions, whether they be critical, or praising, or like so many things in this city, a little bit of both.

On any given week, you’ll find reviews of spots worth visiting, videos we make or cull from the internet at large, or songs we can’t stop listening to. You’ll see images of the city we find inspiring by local photographers, Instagrammers or local photographers on Instagram.

This is about New Orleans now, and then. What we are and who we want to be. Nothing is definitive, but in our humble opinion, you should trust us. Take our word, or, even better, go explore for yourself. There is not one way of doing or any single list that captures the city. It can't be captured. Just experienced. 


New Orleans keeps its past close. For reference, reverence, and often out of a sheer lack of development infrastructure. Whatever the reason, history runs deep. Nolapedia is our take on that history, selective based on what interests us, and anything but objective. Neighborhood profiles, historical bits, people, and places that have shaped the city. There will be a quiz. 

The Bucket List:
It's Wednesday night in the Crescent City and you're looking for something great.  Let Dirty Coast and friends be your humble guide to the best of what's happening, what happened, and what can't be missed. Yearning to explore the wilds of City Park? Eat some red beans on Monday with King James at BJ's? Take a trip to Bay St. Louis or execute the most epic Mardi Gras day ever. Yeah, we did dat. And we'll tell you all about it. 

From the beginning, Dirty Coast has kept in extremely good company. Meet our friends, people we've known for years and people we're just getting to know. Notable citizens of New Orleans and beyond, talking about who they are and what they do best. We like 'em, and we think you will too.

Watch and Listen: 
Our favorite songs. Footage of that spontaneous second line we crossed in the quarter. Our homegrown web series, Dirty Coast Presents, along with the best in photography, local art and the visual culture of NOLA. Fresh cuts daily. 

Our Humble Opinion: 
The great city of New Orleans, spectacular as she may be, is not beyond reproach. We're digging a little deeper with op eds, political speculation, and soapboxes of various shapes and sizes. Come for the rabble rousing, stay for the we know it. 

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