The Dirt

Anders Osborne

Born in Sweden on May 4th, 1966, he spent his childhood listening to the music that was pouring through the radio at that time - Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell. He soon discovered the Blues and saw the thread it had woven through all of popular music. He was hooked. He left Sweden at 16 and traveled the world before finding his home in New Orleans. Anders was a bluesman.

Over the span of his career, he has released 13 records and become a songwriter for many others including stints in Nashville. Anders has played with everyone from Theresa Andersson and Galactic to Voice of the Wetlands, Phil Lesh, and Keb'Mo.'  

"I enjoy both worlds. If I was just in a box, just in a room, writing, I think I would go crazy. If I only had the road, I’d probably go crazy. So, I’m fortunate that way, I mean, the explosive experience of live shows and making your own record – it’s extremely fulfilling. To write for other people, to produce for other people, it’s not as explosive, but it’s extremely fulfilling in other ways. It’s just different experiences."

It is his commitment to the Voice of the Wetlands that we most admire. He understands that you have to protect your roots if you want to see the culture you love survive.

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