The Dirt

Katrina: The Debris

This summer New Orleans Public Radio and Dirty Coast will produce a pop-up podcast, designed to offer all lovers of New Orleans a meaningful, story-driven way to engage with the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures.

Weekly episodes launch at the start of hurricane season, June 1, and run through August 31. Each podcast explores a theme brought about by the flood, things that run through as threads in the fabric of daily life in New Orleans today. In 14 episodes the Katrina podcast will present highly curated content, combing through audio archives of the past decade to explore the intriguing, the true, the funny, the unexpected and the most moving interviews, sounds and insights. These will be updated and built upon with new interviews. The podcast will include a visual element as well, with illustration for each episode, as well as photos, maps, and other archival images online. We’ll create content that resonates deeply with locals, yet serves as an access point for anyone intimate with New Orleans - or anyone who’d like to get better acquainted with this chapter in her history. We aim to reach a national audience through various podcast distribution arms, and promote it through host mentions on existing national podcasts. Segments will air locally on 89.9 WWNO, as well.

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